June 29, 2022


1) Benefits and obligations

Benefits of IGASUA membership:

  1. Become a member to attend meetings or activities with a membership fee discount ;( First no charge)
  2. You can use some of our resources for free;
  3. A member of the editorial board, some publications reviewers will give priority to choose from membership;
  4. Contributions with a discount;
  5. Regularly push mail (Filling notice, Meeting notice, Journal information)

Obligations of IGASUA membership:

  1. Regularly participate in activities and meetings;
  2. Actively advocate and promote the grey system

2) Register 在线注册

3) Retrieve Password 找回密码

4) Membership Renewal会员更新

5) Senior Member高级会员

Who can become a Senior Member?

To become a Senior Member, you must have:

  • 8 years for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Significant performance in this area.
  • Pioneers in some branch of this area.
  • Publishing relevant papers every year.

6) Student Members学生会员

Information on levels of student membership can viewed here.

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